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We’re now offering Iron Infusions

If you’re suffering from iron deficiency, an iron infusion can increase your iron levels quickly. An iron infusion is a more immediate treatment than supplements or dietary changes, and it can be very helpful in situations where the anaemia is significant or long-standing.

Dr Thanu has extensive experience in the provision of iron infusions and is now offering them to Saltwater Medical Patients.

The benefits of an iron infusion can be felt quite soon after your treatment and include increased energy, less fatigue and improved mental function. How long these benefits last depend on the cause of your iron deficiency and whether or not you’re using any other therapies to increase your iron levels. Depending on your situation, the benefits of an iron infusion may last anywhere from several months to a few years.

There are some risks and side-effects to consider which Dr Thanu will explain at your initial appointment.

There will usually be an initial consult required with Dr Thanu (unless you’ve been referred by one of the doctor’s in our practice), and the regular practice fees apply to this consult. If you wish to proceed, you will be booked in at a suitable time to have the infusion done with Dr Thanu and our Practice Nurse. The cost of the iron infusion procedure is $300 (which includes a $25 treatment room fee). If you have a valid Medicare card you will receive a rebate of $72.80.

Dr Thanu is an experienced, consultant GP who has just joined the Saltwater Medical team, so if you’re looking for a new GP why not give us a call on 5301 9828 today?