A skin cancer check could save your life

Prevention and early detection are your best defence
We have a dedicated Saltwater Medical Skin Cancer Clinic offering a suite of advanced skin services, including comprehensive skin checks procedures and treatments.

We offer two types of specialised Skin Cancer Checks

Comprehensive Skin Cancer Check

  • 40 minute dedicated appointment
  • $180 ($144 for concession rates)
  • Patients receive a Medicare rebate of $76.95

During a Comprehensive Skin Cancer Check your doctor will:

  • take an extensive skin history
  • perform a thorough examination of your head, face, neck, torso, legs, feet, arms, and hands
  • use an advanced dermatoscope to closely examine moles, freckles, lesions, or bumps and may record clinical images of them in your chart for future comparison
  • provide recommendations for treatment (if required), frequency of future checks, and educational materials

Short Skin Cancer Check

  • 20 minute dedicated appointment
  • $105 ($84 for concession rates)
  • Patients receive a Medicare rebate of $39.75

Our Short Skin Cancer Check is available if you’re an existing patient of the practice and you only want the doctor to review up to 3 specific spots. 

Your doctor may also use the Short Skin Check when they with to review a specific area of concern in between Comprehensive Skin Checks. 

What happens if the Doctor finds a suspicious spot during my skin check?

Your doctor will let you know during your skin check if they have found concerns. 

They will explain your options, recommend a treatment plan, and discuss costs which will vary depending on the type of issue discovered. 

Common treatment options include: 

  • Cryotherapy
  • Biopsy/Shave
  • Curettage
  • Excisions
  • Non-Surgical Treatments

Simple treatments (cryotherapy or a biopsy) may be done at your Skin Check (time permitting). 
More complex procedures are booked into one of the doctor’s regular weekly surgical clinics to ensure surgical equipment and nursing support are available. 

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