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We recommend a Comprehensive Skin Cancer Check once a year, or more frequently if you are at high-risk or have a previous skin cancer history.

Our Comprehensive Skin Checks can take up to 40-minutes and they are booked with one of our experienced skin doctors. Your regular GP may be able to check one or two spots (using a standard dermatoscope) during a routine appointment. However, a Comprehensive Skin Check with one of our experienced skin GPs allows time for a thorough check using our high-end digital equipment, which in turn provides a clearer view of the skin spot for more accurate analysis.

Yes, specific skin check appointments are necessary. Skin checks and skin procedures are offered in specific clinics only, as this ensures your doctor has access to our advanced equipment and is able to maintain an efficient workflow. This ensures you are seen on time and will receive the full benefit of our specialised skin cancer services.

You will be required to undress down to your underwear, so please wear loose clothing and slip‑on shoes. Please do not wear makeup or nail polish. Your Doctor will not routinely inspect genital areas, but if you have a spot of concern in this region, please advise the Doctor. You are welcome to bring a chaperone and modesty sheets will be provided.

Our skin doctors are consultant-level, specialist general practitioners with advanced training and many years’ experience in the detection and surgical removal of skin cancers.

We offer two types of skin cancer checks:

  1. Comprehensive Skin Cancer Check

This is a 40-minute dedicated appointment, during which your doctor will:

  • take an extensive skin history
  • use an advanced dermatoscope (specialised skin microscope) to examine moles, freckles, lesions, or bumps and record them digitally in your chart for future comparison
  • perform a thorough examination of your head, face, neck, torso, legs, feet, arms, and hands
  • provide recommendations for treatment, frequency of checks and educational materials tailored specifically for you
  1. Short Skin Cancer Check

This is a 20-minute dedicated appointment.

  • Our Short Skin Cancer Check is available if you’re an existing patient of the practice and you only want the Doctor to review up to 3 specific spots.
  • Your doctor may also use the Short Skin Check when they wish to review a specific area of concern in between Comprehensive Skin Checks.

The doctor will ask you to undress down to your underwear. You can ask for a modesty sheet if you wish. The doctor will use a specialised dermatoscope to visually inspect your whole body. Our dermatoscopes are the highest calibre skin microscopes which allows the doctor to look closely at your skin in very high definition. Your doctor may also use a camera adapter on the dermatoscope to take images of concerning lesions which will be saved into your patient file. The doctor may also magnify these images onto a display monitor to explain clinical aspects of their findings.

A skin check is painless.

Our doctors do not inspect beneath your underwear, but if you have an area of concern in this region, please let the doctor know.

Your doctor will let you know if they have found concerns.

They will explain your options, recommend a treatment plan, and discuss costs, which vary depending on the type of issue discovered.

Common treatment options include:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Biopsy / Shave
  • Curettage
  • Excisions
  • Non-Surgical Treatments

Simple treatments, like cryotherapy or a biopsy, may be done at your Skin Check (time and financial consent permitting).

More complex procedures are booked into one of the doctor’s regular weekly surgical clinics so that appropriate nursing and practice resources are available.

Most surgical procedures are booked into the next available surgical session with your doctor. This ensures we can have the facility set up with the appropriate surgical equipment and nursing support.

Occasionally your doctor may have the time to perform minor procedures like cryotherapy and simple biospsies (time and financial consent permitting).

Your skin sample will be sent away to a pathology lab for diagnosis immediately after your procedure. It is imperative that you return to see your doctor for a follow up appointment to receive your results, as you may require further treatment. You may also need to have your wound reviewed and your stitches removed. We also cannot finalise your billing or process your Medicare rebate until we have given you your results.

Our skin doctors are consultant GPs who are also highly experienced in detecting and treating skin cancers. Skin cancer medicine is a field of special interest for them, and they have advanced training and experience in this area when compared to some other GPs.

Our suite of Saltwater Skin Cancer services have been purposefully designed to support effective skin cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment and are conveniently delivered by the practice and doctors you know and trust at Saltwater Medical. Our practice has made significant additional investment in world leading diagnostic tools and systems to complement the skills of our skin doctors, and we have procedure rooms, equipment and nursing staff dedicated to detecting and treating most types of skin cancer.

Dermatologists are broad skin specialists and deal with all sorts of skin concerns, including skin cancer. Unfortunately, they often have long waiting lists, which can delay critical early detection, and they can be an expensive option. You will also usually require an annual referral from your GP to see a Dermatologist. Of course, our GPs would not hesitate to refer you to a Dermatologist if they felt this was the appropriate course of action in your circumstances.

GPs at the average general practice may not have the training to confidently diagnose and treat skin cancer. Most general practices have not invested in the advanced equipment, systems and software that support effective diagnosis by an experienced skin doctor. And some GPs may not have the skills or time to perform a comprehensive full-body skin examination.

Our suite of Saltwater Medical Skin Cancer services are offered as a privately billed service. They have been designed to deliver the highest quality service, with a generous amount of dedicated time with your doctor. Our services are also backed by world leading skin cancer systems, technology, and equipment. We offer several payment options, including cash, EFTPOS and credit card. For your convenience, we are also able to submit a claim to Medicare for your rebate on your behalf once the full fee has been paid. Our current fees are listed here.

We are a private billing practice and we appreciate full payment on the day of consultation. We are unable to bulk bill for our services as regrettably, Medicare rebates do not cover the cost of delivering a high-quality health service. We do offer a discount on our regular fees to Concession and DVA card holders. We are committed to offering high quality skin services, without compromise. Our experienced doctors are generous with their time and expertise, and our practice environment and support team will ensure your experience is as pleasant as possible. We offer several payment options, including cash, EFTPOS and credit card. For your convenience, we are also able to submit a claim to Medicare for your rebate on your behalf once the full fee has been paid. Our current fees are listed here.

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