Introducing our specialised

Skin Cancer Care Clinic

Recognising the need for a high-quality skin cancer service for our patients, we’ve introduced a comprehensive suite of skin cancer services, all delivered by the GP clinic and the Doctors you know and trust. 

Many of our GPs have broad experience, extra training, and a special interest in skin cancer detection and treatment. To compliment their advanced skill sets, we’ve invested in world leading skin cancer diagnostic tools, integrated software, extra nursing support and high-quality procedural equipment.

Our passionate team have collaborated to design a first-class skin cancer service and a suite of up-to-the-minute patient resources, all designed to help you prevent and detect skin cancer before it’s too late. 

Trusted expertise, a commitment to quality, and leading diagnostic tools

We’ve invested in world-leading
skin diagnostic tools and software

Our Sunshine Coast lifestyle is amazing...

But did you know we live in the skin cancer capital of the world? So, when it comes to managing your skin cancer risks, prevention and early detection are your best defence. 

Most skin cancers are curable if detected and treated early.

That’s why it’s important to get your skin checked regularly by a doctor who is experienced in performing skin cancer checks and who has the right diagnostic tools, systems, and practice team behind them. 

Did you know?

It's a sad story, but you can change the ending

If detected early, most BCCs and SCCs, along with 90% of melanomas are curable

Skin Cancer Risk Factors

Know your skin cancer risk factors

Prevention Tips

5 simple things you can do to lower your skin cancer risks

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