How we manage your

Test Results

Your doctor may send you to a pathology or imaging provider to undertake tests. At other times they may send tissue samples to a histology lab after a procedure has been performed e.g. excisions and biopsies. These tests are designed to assist with the ongoing management and diagnosis of your health issue. In some cases, they may attract an out-of-pocket cost and you will need to confirm these costs with your chosen provider.

Once you’ve had the tests, scans, x-rays or procedure at the practice, the imaging, pathology or histology providers will send the results through to the practice. Your doctor checks for results each day they are in the practice (please note some doctors work part time). We run computerised systems to ensure results are always checked by your doctor in a timely fashion (or by another doctor if your usual GP is away for an extended period).

Time frames vary depending on the type of test. Generally, most results are back at the practice within 2-3 days, however some tests do take longer to process.

PLEASE NOTE – Even though your result may be with us at the practice, it may not have been checked yet by your doctor. Your doctor will usually check results during breaks or at the end of each day they are consulting at the practice.

That depends on your result.

  • You will hear from us if your results are abnormal
  • In most cases, if your results are abnormal, you will be contacted by our nurse to arrange a follow up appointment to discuss with your doctor
  • Follow up appointments are charged at normal rates and are required because you may need further tests, prescriptions, referrals, or to discuss a plan for the ongoing management of your health issue
  • A follow up appointment enables your doctor the necessary time to support you in maintaining and coordinating your long-term health, which is our primary concern
  • In limited cases you may be called directly by your doctor or our nurse to be advised of your result
  • If your tests reveal an urgent or serious issue, the test provider will usually call your GP directly to flag the result and we will contact you as a matter of urgency
  • You will not hear from us if your results are normal
  • Your doctor will mark them off in our system as ‘checked’ and no further action will be taken
  • If you have not heard from us, it is because your result is normal
  • If you would still like to discuss your results you are welcome to make a follow up appointment
  • Exception: Normal cervical screening results will be forwarded by mail, usually within 2-3 weeks

For privacy and safety reasons your results will not be communicated to you over the phone by our reception staff. They do not have full access to your chart, and they do not know your medical history or how many tests you were sent for. Our reception staff are brilliant administrators, but they are not clinically trained to interpret your results or to provide you with medical advice.


If you do not hear from us after your test but you are still experiencing symptoms, please make a follow up appointment with your doctor. Your test result may have been normal, but the issue may be caused by something else. If you are experiencing an emergency or your symptoms are getting worse, please call 000 or attend the nearest emergency department.