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Flu Vaccinations for 2022

Give flu the flick!

Flu season is once again upon us and we strongly recommend the 2022 flu vaccine for all patients over 6 months of age. The vaccination helps guard against preventable strains of influenza A and B and is more important than ever this year with health authorities warning of a higher than usual incidence of influenza circulating in the community this season now that international borders are open.

What is Influenza?

The flu (also called influenza) is a very contagious infection of the airways which spreads easily from person to person. It is especially serious for babies, people over 65 years and pregnant women. Compared with other viral respiratory infections (such as the common cold), the flu can cause severe illness and, in some cases, life-threatening complications or even death.

Carpark Flu Vaccination Clinics

Due to social distancing requirements and the ongoing risks presented by COVID-19 we are again holding our vaccination clinics in our outdoor Carpark format. Vaccines are fully supervised by a GP and delivered by our nurse. They are running most Tuesday afternoons. Call reception for more information.