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Our doctors are highly skilled

and our appointments are generous


Saltwater Medical Caloundra is a private billing medical practice focused on delivering exceptional care. We do this by providing skilled doctors and generous appointments, which means you’ll never feel rushed out the door. You and your doctor will have more time to explore your health concerns, to give you peace of mind and a clear plan for your issue.

Our fees cover the cost of providing you with a high-quality healthcare service delivered by highly trained, experienced doctors. They also cover practice nurses and reception staff who are committed to ongoing professional development, as well as our state-of-the-art facility, accreditation costs, medical equipment & consumables, rent, insurances, utilities, IT systems, and an integrated suite of comprehensive patient communications.
Our fees are reviewed each year.

We pride ourselves on being fair and transparent about our fees, which enable us to deliver our unique and generous model of care, which we believe is second to none on the Coast.

Our service is purposefully designed to deliver a higher quality of care than the prevailing medical centre model by using the following core approach:

  • We provide generous appointments – our standard appointments are 20 minutes
    (at least 33% longer than most other practices who offer 6–15 minute standard appointments)
  • Unlike many practices, we never double/triple book our lists, which helps us to run on time for our patients
  • Our thorough and caring GPs are all consultant-level RACGP specialists (not training registrars)
  • We provide a welcoming, state-of-the-art facility with excellent service, delivered by professional support staff

Because of our generous length appointments and our focus on providing you with a high level of care, we are unable to bulk bill for our services. However, we do provide discounted fees for children under 13, Healthcare card holders, DVA card holders and Pension card holders (DVA patients will need to use a Medicare card to access a rebate).

Schedule of our most common fees as at 6 September 2021 Regular Fee Discount Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket
Standard consultation (Up to 20 minutes | Item Number: 23)

Suitable for a single standard issue e.g. ear infection, urinary tract infection, coughs and colds, or pap-smear etc.

$92.00 $69.00 $39.10 $52.90 (Reg) $29.90 (Disc)
Long consultation (Between 20-40 minutes | Item Number: 36)

Suitable for a complex issue, or for patients with a list of multiple issues.

$158.00 $126.00 $75.75 $82.25 (Reg) $50.25 (Disc)
Prolonged consultation (Greater than 40 minutes | Item Number: 44)

For patients requiring a prolonged consult, likely for chronic disease management or multiple complex issues.

$222.00 $190.00 $111.50 $110.50 (Reg) $78.50 (Disc)
GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (Between 20-40 minutes | Item Number: 2715)

For patients requiring a co-ordinated plan from a GP in order to access MBS subsidies to see a psychologist for up to 6 sessions per calendar year.

$158.00 $126.00 $94.75 $63.25 (Reg) $31.25 (Disc)
Treatment Room Fee
A treatment room fee may apply for various procedures, including plaster casting, IV fluid rehydration, dressings etc.

Payment and Medicare Rebates

Payment of your consultation fee is required at the time of your appointment. We accept cash, credit and debit cards. Please note that a $10 account keeping fee will be applied for consultations not paid on the day.

To save you the hassle of a separate claims process, once you have paid your account we can usually help you claim your Medicare rebate on-the-spot using our TYRO machine*. You can pay your account any way you like (cash, credit card or debit card), however you can only collect your Medicare rebate using our TYRO machine by using a debit card (savings or cheque account – Medicare will not pay onto credit cards).

Alternatively, we can send your claim off to Medicare online and they will usually deposit it into your Medicare-linked bank account within 48 hours, or you can take your receipt to a Medicare office, or use the MyGov app to claim your rebate.

* Some item numbers for less common procedures and appointments are not able to be claimed using our Tyro machine and will need to be assessed by Medicare.

The Medicare System and Indexation of Rebates

Many people are under the misconception that Medicare provides a right to free GP services in Australia, however, Medicare is simply a government funded health insurance subsidy scheme. Some medical practices choose to accept the scheduled Medicare rebate as full payment for their services, known as ‘bulk billing’. However, these rebates often do not cover the full cost of delivering a high-quality health service. The Government’s indexation of Medicare rebates has also not kept pace with CPI, which is placing unsustainable pressure on general medical practices.

Click here to view a graph showing the ever-widening gap between CPI and the Medicare rebate.

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