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Jen Kettleton-Butler

Practice Director

MBA (EXEC), Dip Mgt, Ad Cert. GD

Jen is the Practice Director and co-owner of Saltwater Medical. She brings a wealth of business and leadership experience to Saltwater Medical and plays a significant role behind the scenes in developing our unique practice model and bringing the vision to life. Prior to starting Saltwater Medical, Jen enjoyed a fast-paced career in senior marketing and communication roles in Brisbane where she honed her business and leadership skills. Jen is a people-person who believes in the power of teamwork, respect, and collaboration to achieve amazing results. As a fourth generation descendant of the local Clarke fishing family, she also has strong ties to the Caloundra community which go back more than 100 years. She loves Caloundra and is also a passionate ocean woman and surfer who can be found out in the local lineups whenever she gets the chance.